The Logical Cat


I’ve always made jewelry. As a kid, I would knot elaborate friendship bracelets from my mom’s embroidery floss or string seed bead bracelets and necklaces on thread. When I went away to college, I visited my first bead shop and I was hooked. I stood in that shop, the owner’s cat wrapping himself around my ankles, staggered by the possibilities laid out in front of me. I discovered that I could make jewelry that was of better quality and construction than the things my friends bought at the mall, and more suited to my own tastes. Making jewelry also allowed me to give my family and friends really cool gifts without spending a ton of money. After a few years of creating, I began to amass a large collection of jewelry. I was able to sell a few pieces here and there to friends or people who I worked with, but I needed a larger audience. I tried other websites and a couple of craft shows, but they were not successful for me. Eventually a friend of mine told me about Etsy, and I opened my shop.

Jewelry making has always been a form of therapy for me. Spending hours putting beads together or bending wire has given me something to focus on even during the darkest of times, but it has also given me a way to celebrate life’s successes and joys. My shop on Etsy has provided me more than just a place to sell my jewelry. I’ve been able to connect with many different artists through Etsy teams, giving me the sense that I am part of a larger community. I’m also able to share a small piece of me with each person who buys jewelry from me.


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